What is mean by premium whisky?!

Question: What is mean by premium whisky?

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The longer whiskey is allowed to age in the oak barrels the better it gets. But because it's aging in a wooden barrel some of the whiskey evaporates. If it's aged for 20 years a lot of it does. This makes for a premium aged whiskey that costs a lot since a good part of the original brew was lost during the aging plus the cost of maintaining the barrels over the years.

Once it's in the bottle it stops changing. A bottle of whiskey you buy today that has been aged for 20 years in a barrel is better than a bottle of whiskey aged 7 years that sat on your shelf for 50 years.

The word premium, used in any context, is a marketing gymmick,only to fleece an higher price from you.By the way what is Boutique Hotel ?

premium whiskey is top of the line expensive alcohol witch probably means they let it ferment longer hope this helps you but keep in mind that docent always make it a better whiskey

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