I need 25 facts about Dr. Pepper like right now!?!

Question: I need 25 facts about Dr. Pepper like right now!?
This lame project thing in school.
Need 25 facts about Dr. Pepper pleeeease :)


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Dr Pepper is one of the world’s most popular carbonated soft drinks. Below is a list of 10 fun facts about the soda you might not have previously been aware of.

1. Dr Pepper was invented in Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas by the Brooklyn-born pharmacist Charles Alderton.

2. According to the US Patent Office the beverage known as Dr Pepper was sold for the very first time on 12th January 1885.

3. Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink manufacturer in the United States.

4. Dr Pepper used to have a full stop after its name but that was removed in the 1950s.

5. In 2008, Dr Pepper announced it would be giving a free soda to ‘everyone in America’ if Guns N’ Roses released its decade-in-the-works album, Chinese Democracy, during the 2008 calendar year.

6. The distinctive soda has used a number of slogans throughout the years, including ‘The Friendly Pepper Upper’ (1950s), ‘Out of the Ordinary. Like You’ (1984), and ‘Trust me — I’m a Doctor’ (2009).

7. The Dr Pepper capital of the world is considered to be Roanoke Valley, Virginia because more of the sodas are sold here than in any other metropolitan area east of the Mississippi.

8. Opened in 1991 The Dr Pepper Museum is located in the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company building in downtown Waco, Texas. The first building to be built specifically to bottle Dr Pepper, the building was completed in 1906 and Dr Pepper was bottled there until the 1960s. The museum has three floors of exhibits, a working old-fashioned soda fountain, and a gift store selling Dr Pepper memorabilia.

9. On the December 20, 2000 in an episode of the Late Show with David Letterman, Letterman jokingly referred to Dr Pepper as ‘liquid manure’. After a representative of Dr Pepper registered a complaint, CBS agreed not to rerun the episode. Letterman also made repeated assurances on the show that he was only joking.

10. Dr Pepper was introduced into Australia in 1997. However it was withdrawn in 2003 with Cadbury Schweppes stating that the product did not gain acceptance by Australians, the most vociferous of whose detractors complained the drink tasted like ‘cough syrup’!

here's 10. http://www.beembee.com/2010/10-fun-facts…

Dr. Pepper does not have an "A" in its name.
Dr. Pepper does not have a "B" in its name.
Dr. Pepper does not have a "C" in its name.
Dr. Pepper DOES have a "D" in its name.
... etc

That's 26 facts right there.


diet dr. pepper tastes more like regular dr. pepper

Dr. Pepper is a cherry based soda.

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