Why is beer in most UK pubs so exensive?!

Question: Why is beer in most UK pubs so exensive?
When the likes of Wetherspoons can manage to sell it so cheaply?


The vast majority of UK pubs are owned by the breweries so they are in a position to dictate their own price.

While Wetherspoons do sell food, so do many pubs, Wetherspoons became famous with a clever idea of buying beer direct from the breweries that had limited shelf life on it for a lower than normal price and making sure of a fast turn over.

all drinks in pubs are expensive thats how they make their money... in the food industry there is an unoffical rule that you make everything up by 1/3 of what ur labor and food cost is... so thats y beers are like 5.50 a bottle

Weatherspoons rely on selling food to make money - the beer is almost a loss leader, whereas most true pubs rely on selling beer for their profits.

Because the other big chains are greedy

6 euro a pint in Dublin.............

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