Good Inexpensive champagne for wedding toast?!

Question: Good Inexpensive champagne for wedding toast?
I have to buy at least 18 bottles... so I need good price and good quality (as possible)



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Go with a Spanish Cava [sparkling wine]...Cristalino or Segura Viudas. Shouldn't cost you more than $9 per bottle and tastes better than some relatively expensive champagne I have had [Veuve Clicquot]

I work in a wine store

I would not spend much on a champagne for a toast. I f you are actually serving the champagne as a drink at the bar, I would get something decent but the toast is usually not very good. Here's why

1) The waiters pour the champagne in advance, so it sits in the glass for as long as 1/2 - 1 hour before anybody drinks it.

2) The waiter wraps a towel around the bottle when he pours so nobody knows the brand (so being cheap will not be known to the masses)

3) Everybody gets a glass (even people that don't like it), so its a waste on more than half of the drinkers of it

The best I would spend is something like Frexinet at about $8 or $9 per bottle. I might even go cheaper than that. As I said, no point in spending a lot. Go to your local liquor store and get a $6 bottle and save your money for serving better stuff at the bar

For my first wedding I used Cook's. It's one step above Andre in quality. Everyone swore I had spent $30 a bottle but in reality it was only $5 a bottle. Just don't let anyone see the label. :)

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