good tasting cheap red wines?!

Question: Good tasting cheap red wines?
i need as many cheap GOOD red wines as possible with a budget of 30 euro for a model 6 course wine tasting for culinary class.... please serious good tasting cheap suggestions, unique is also good


Voga Quattro 8/9 dollars ( sorry I'm american)

Bell’agio Chianti 9/10 dollars

Ravenswood Vintners Blend or Zinfandel like 8-10 dollars

Cellar No. 8 Cabernet Sauvignon 9 dollars

Blackstone Merlot 9 dollars

And I can't really think of any other's under 10 but Apothic Red winemakers blend is pretty good and it's normally like $21 at my grocery store but sometimes it's on sale for like 12 bucks.

Hope you can find those. =)

Try the "Barefoot" brand of wines. They are very inexpensive and have won several awards.


I am a wino.


Cheap and good don't go well in the same sentence when you're talking about red wines.
As the price goes down so does the quality and thereby the flavor.

~The Fat Man

Night train, Thunderbird, and Cold Turkey. These are my favorites and RICK JAMES swears by Cold Turkey so you know it's good.

Maria Christina is good but it stains your teeth red

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