What constitutes "a drink" in terms of alcohol consumption?!

Question: What constitutes "a drink" in terms of alcohol consumption?
Just read an AOL article saying that one "drink" a day for women, two "drinks" a day for men, helps people avoid getting alzheimer's disease. It does not differentiate between wine, beer and hard liquor, etc. Just exactly how much of each constitutes a "drink"? Fairly ambiguous article I think.


12 oz. beer (approx. 5% or .6oz alcohol)
A mixed drink with 1.5oz, 80 proof ( 40% or .6oz alcohol)
6 oz. wine. ( approx. 12% or about .7oz alcohol)

no ambiguity here.

so shot of alcohol, glass of wine, can of beer each are 1 drink

I know it's 2 oz pf liquor per drink

Well with how much I drink I must be healthy as an ox

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