How to like the taste of Alcohol?!

Question: How to like the taste of Alcohol?
I never really liked the taste of alcoholic drinks. Do I have to keep drinking beer until I'm use to the taste or what? No negative comments please, just answer the question. Thanks.


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I have never really liked the taste myself either. I also don't see the point of forcing yourself to drink something you don't really want to just to fit in or not look out of place at parties or dinners. I have found a few drinks that I like, and I stick with those.

It is an acquired taste. meaning you just keep drinking it until you don't think it tastes bad anymore basically. you train your palette. I think that's silly. Its not like you *have* to drink. I have no grown to like beer at all. I just drink vodka.

Your taste buds die and regrow differently, so you may eventually like beer simply because your taste buds have changed. I have a habit of trying everything at least once a year, even if its something I don't like to see if I might like it now.

Ok, this is how I started liking Alcohol...

I was 10 years old with just my grandpa me and my uncle riding fourwheelers...they brought a cooler for drinks and the problem was that the idiots forgot to put anything else but beer...I was thirsty as hell...we were too far from they gave me beer ive tasted in my entire life...been a fan ever since!!

then dont drink. you wont eventually like it. and lets hope you dont become used to it either.

the first one is always harsh... but keep drinking it only gets better! u wont even notice the taste after u bang a few back

Better off with out it.

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