What are swisher sweets?!

Question: What are swisher sweets?
Idk what those and black and mild are. I understand that they're more than a cigarette, but are they like salvia where they're kind of like a legal high or what?


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swishers are cigar tobacco wrapped in flavored paper (unlike a cigar which is wrapped in a actual leaf and uses much more refined tobacco). a black and mild is pretty much the same thing but uses pipe tobacco and will have a plastic or wooden tip (go for plastic!)

Swisher sweets and Black and Milds are just two of the many brands of little cigars or cigarillos and they are flavored. No they are not like salvia, they don't make you feel high or anything like that but they can be very pleasurable and help you relax.

I am a cigar aficionado and have been one for years. I'm also doing social media for BnBTobacco.com and have represented them online.

No they're just a little bigger than a cigarette, smaller than a cigar, they are nothing until you break them open and fill them with magic

Black and Milds and Swisher Sweets are really cheap and pretty nasty cigars filled with regular flavored tobacco, salvia is completely different and recently made illegal.

Nope just pipe tobacco style cigarillos. They are a little sweet because of a additive used on the outer wraping. Not bad little cigars for the price.

I used to smoke them.

They are flavored cigarellos. Good, after vodka.


They are cigars...most people use them to roll the good stuff with

Ya, just little cigars with some flavor. They are pretty gross.

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