R energy drinks good for party-time?!

Question: R energy drinks good for party-time?
I heard that some people likes energy drinks for party-time. And I am doing an assignment about energy drinks.
Q1. Is that true? If so, what kind of energy drink do they drink in party-time?what kind of package?
Q2. Are there a lot of people like energy drinks for party?


Q1: yeah its tru. alot of my friends like energy drinks on a night out or at a party. red bull, kick, red rooster, v and relentless are the most common around here. energy drink n vodka is the most common amongst my friends, closely followed by jagermeister and energy drink in the form of a jager-bomb (but these are deadly!!!) or my personal favourite, pernod n energy drink.
Q2:if its an all nighter party, energy drinks tend to be available to keep people goin. as long as the guests arent sensitive to caffeine, id say most people like em at a party!

my own personal experience!!!

Absolutely not. Energy drinks are full of sugar, thus a "high", alcohol is a "low".
Better known as uppers and downers, it's a recipe for a hangover if you're lucky.

q1) I have seen people drinking Red Bull at parties by itself or in a mixed drink.
q2) Not a lot in my social circle but most of us are responsible drinkers and 21+

People love energy drinks at parties because it makes them buzzing and hyper, despite them being really bad for you!

Lots of my friends like drinking energy drinks at parties. (Red rooster or red bull)

And I don't know what you mean by packaging?

Energy drinks are poison and also create sticky blood making your heart work harder trying to push the thicker blood around.


you shouldn't mix alcohol with energy drinks because alcohol is a depressant and an energy drink.. well thats obvious. the two together can be lethal in high dosage

They are good for staying awake

They keep you awake

yes people really enjoy them.....get redbull!!

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