weed vaporizer, does it smell?!

Question: Weed vaporizer, does it smell?
Looking for a good way to smoke weed in college dorm, does a weed vaporizer produce any smell. Any other tips are welcome.


It does slightly not as much as smoking it tho. You can vaporize and then blow the steam or smoke through a "doob tube" "Muffler" or one of many other names they have, its dryer tissues inside a tp tube and you blow the smoke though it to mask the smell. you can also just vaporize with a regular bowl just hold the lighter above it enough it wont burn the plant material. drag slower and longer. you will know vapor it taste much cleaner and less harsh. also try insence or oil burning, or just put a drop of oil on a lightbulb...the options are endless

Yes it does, therefore you are better off going to school pot-free.

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