How much should I weigh?!

Question: How much should I weigh?
I am 16
Weigh 160 lbs
Am 5foot 6 inches
I am somewhat big boned
And I feel like I am over weight
How much should I weigh??? And what can I do to reach that?? I feel like I can be 135-125! What do u guys think?!!


The real questions are as follows: What types of food are you eating? How many calories are you eating per day? How active are you in general, and what is your specific exercise regimen?

If most of the food you eat comes wrapped in cellophane and you never exercise, then you probably are indeed overweight. Worse yet, you probably have a lot higher fat to muscle ratio than is healthy. If you know that you're eating good food and the right amount of it, and that you get plenty of exercise weekly, then your body will automatically be in a good shape. (If you're even asking this question, I assume that means you have reason to doubt whether you are actually in peak health. If you have doubts, then yes, your body could be in better shape by being cared for better.)

According to the "Ideal Body Weight Calculator" I found here:… , you should weigh about 152.

In order to get there, use an online calorie counter like to track your food intake. It will help you determine how many calories you should be eating and also shows you plainly whether the foods you choose to eat are good for your body or just chock full of salts, fats, and sugars.

If that's too much work for you, then follow these relatively simple rules:
1) Read all package labels. Avoid anything that has more than 12 grams of sugar per serving. (And watch out for serving sizes. For example, many candy bars are actually considered to be two or three servings even though it's just one package.) This means cut out sodas, most cereal/granola bars, and most cookies.
2) Shoot for three good meals a day and an afternoon snack. Your metabolism is like a furnace and needs regular fuel in order to burn hot. Try to eat a good protein source and a good carbohydrate source with every meal/snack. For example, a fruit and a type of nut is a great snack. Eggs and toast make a fine breakfast. Etc. The proteins are like long-burning big logs on a fire (and they help build muscle instead of fat), and the carbs are like kindling which hit your bloodstream fast for quick energy. Skipping breakfast--a common teenage sin-- is one of the worst things you can do for your overall health. Your body needs to get some high-quality energy sources first thing in the morning to rev up the engine for the day.
3) If you eat less and less in an attempt to lose weight, you can very easily flip your body into "famine mode," which will cause you to actually GAIN weight while eating LESS. Your body will store fat because it will think there isn't enough food in your environment.
4) Avoid cellophane-wrapped food. Real food has few ingredients, and you should be able to guess most or all ingredients just by looking at the food. Apple: good. Granola bar: bad (what are those weird soy crispies?).
5) Drink water. Even slight dehydration can make you feel sluggish, which gives you less energy, which draws down your metabolism. Don't drink juices, which are chock full of sugar and have practically no healthy benefit.

Well I'm 5'3 and my range is like 120-145. And you are 3 inches taller than me. So you are probably fine at the weight you are. Unless its like, all fatty weight and no muscle. But then I would suggest toning up. Not just dieting and losing mass. Muscle also weighs more than fat. Keep that in mind.…

(its in kilos, which is roughly 2.2 pounds. So for your height 160 seems quite in the perfect zone.)

Check with a dietician. You don't want to be too frail for sports and they
can help design a diet with food which tastes good and is good for you.

ps = Make an effort to put your content in the right category next time.

<- Kinesiology major

you sound like your average for height... if u feel like you want to lose a few pounds run and do ab work to tighten your core, avoid fatty foods and that should gain you confidence that your looking for by posting this…

That about right you're pretty tall...

Between 140-150..
135 would be fine, 125 is underweight.

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