What is the difference between beer & light beer?!

Question: What is the difference between beer & light beer?
What is the difference in beer in general anyway? Besides who makes it and slight differences in taste.


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If you're talking in terms of color, then the color of the beer is derived from the grains used to make it. Wheat beers tend to be lighter, as well with rice beers. To get a darker beer depends on how darkly the malt is roasted.

As far as calorie difference, a light beer in that sense is obviously the more "healthy" choice for calorie counters. However, to reduce the high alcohol and calorie measure in the beer, it is watered down to dilute the levels. So, light beer is in its most basic sense a watered down version.


Light beer has fewer calories, a lower alcohol content and less taste than the beer it is named after. Good beer almost always does not come in a "light" version. Beer comes in many different styles, tastes and colors, just not the standard Coors, Miller and Bud selection of a lot of places in the US.

Light beers definitely have less calories than other beers, but usually less flavor and alcohol content. If you're that concerned about calories maybe you should be drinking vodka ;)


Light beer is a chemical excuse for weak weak weak beer that only women drink. You want real ale from craft beer - something like Dogfish Brewery's 120 IPA.

Light beer has less calories and it tastes different. But the amount of alcohol and the price is the same.

Light beer has less calories, a lower alcoholic content, less taste.

Friends who drink Busch Light (don't ask why) after playing hockey.

Light beer have low or lees calories.

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