Lol anyone agree that if your single and no kids it is EASIER being an alcoholic or addict?!

Question: Lol anyone agree that if your single and no kids it is EASIER being an alcoholic or addict?
i think so, espeacially if they are single, not married and dont have to worry about kids and whatnot hahaha maybe just worry about keeping thier job and house hahahaha and maybe just affect thier parents, friends and siblings and cousins or unless they are introverts hahaha, well i sometimes think im an alocohlic i drink alone 97 percent of the time get drunk alone more, drink to get drunk and blackout most times i get drunk not compleltey tho lol but also i enjoy being drunk more than sober, it also is in my family my mom, her mom and dad and their mom and dad all drinked a lot ect, and also i have asperger's and ocd and if i ever live alone i want to and dont see myself ever with kids or married hahahaha i like to be alone to! i am a 20 year old male from the Canadian prairies! hahahahahaha! =]:)


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I do agree. The fewer responsibilities a person has the more freedom they have to do and act in anyway they please. Most addicts want [if they do in fact want to] hurt themselves and not others. Not having children and/or a spouse opens the doors to the freedoms of abuse. For most of use having a family is part of the joy of life and a primary reason to not abuse drugs or alcohol or anything actually. Happy daze to you Northern Hoser and may you control the alcohol rather than it controlling you.


Yeah, you're a bundle of laughs. You should have them rolling in the aisles at the next AA meeting, which you really need to attend.

A workmate of mine would agree with you in some ways.

He refers to his kids as his "firewall", because just like the firewall on the computers at work they stop him having fun.

the bottle of wine and handle of jager sitting next to my bed agrees with what your saying and so do i

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