what can you drink with smirnoff?!

Question: What can you drink with smirnoff?

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vodka & iced tea = ice pick.

You could get a vanilla flavored smirnoff vodka and mix it with coke to make a vanilla coke. I've tried it, and they are pretty good, but sweet, and don't overdo it, or you will throw up. If you already got the regular smirnoff vodka, just get a vanilla coke at the grocery store, or a cream soda of some sort.

A lot of people consider Smirnoff as an upper end vodka, its not, but its fine for most mixed drinks. Any juice or soda will do, but a combination of juices if you want to disguise the vodka taste.

Joe the bartender at latelyitoccurstome.com

Anything you can find which will dilute the taste.... OJ, Coke, Water (not great), Milk, Lucozade (loved it), 7up. smirnoff goes well with most soft and fizzy drinks!

In Soviet Russia, Smirnoff drinks you!

Cranberry juice.

Orange juice


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