how to not get drunk fast? tips?!

Question: How to not get drunk fast? tips?
havnt went out drinking ktving for awhile


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Eat a solid meal beforehand, especially something heavier like pasta or bread that will keep you full. Drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink helps fill up your stomach too so you don't OD on the alco. Also just be smart about it! Pace yourself.

This method works so well: about an hour before you go out, eat a pita bun with cream cheese and a glass of milk (its mainly the milk that does it, but having a little food in your stomach helps too).

Try avoid eating a lot before going drinking because even though it will slow the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream (ie. prevent you from getting drunk fast), it only lasts as long as there is the food in your stomach, so when the food is pretty much all digested, you get drunk really fast (not recommended).

Have fun!

Personal experience

Eat before you drink. Snack and talk while you drink. Don't order the strongest drinks available. Order the drinks you do order "light" on the alcohol. Have a glass of water in front of you and make sure it's kept full. Drink the water between drinking the alcohol. Know when it's time to completely switch over to non-alcoholic drinks. (Hint: if you "think" it's time to stop, it probably is.)

Don't wrap your hand around your drink and leave it there. It's too easy to keep raising the drink to your lips.

Go to local liquor store and pick up a vodka called "Vladamir" it's alcohol content is so low that you will not get that drunk. It's secret effect is its taste is so good that it cancels out your drunkenness.

Two kids and a Divorce.

Yes, a big meal beforehand is good, as is a lot of water through the evening, but also, zinc helps and so do high potency multi-B vitamins.

after every drink have a nice glass of soda or water. or soda water. :)
or in between every 2 beers.
my mom said when i decide to drink , to do this. lmao i love my mom.

haven't gone out drinking (cavorting?) for a while?

drink a glass of water bewteen each alcoholic drink and munch on peanuts or such

eat lots o foodz so alcoholz will not soak into yur bloods as much fastly and get some alcohols that are really icky so you won't eat as much of yur drinks

know your limit

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