What kind of whisky should I drink tonight?!

Question: What kind of whisky should I drink tonight?
I eat one meal between breakfast and my bedtime snack. If I eat it early enough, I can have coffee in the afternoon on my full stomach. If I eat it later, I let myself drink liquor on my full stomach. Well, it's 730p where I am, and I haven't eaten yet. I only want Scotch, Irish or Japanese whisky. No bourbon or Canadian or anything else. So which distilleries, which bottlings, which ages, etc?


not whisky. Champagne. Relax, and sip upon my champagne

Try (The Famous Grouse) 40% $29CAD it's a blend of scotch/whisky from Scotland - try to get a sampler / don buy the whole bottle if u don know the taste - l've had mistakes in the past but thankfully l get away with it because l'm smart.

Tasting Note:
Golden amber colour; fruit sweetness with soft smoke in the nose and flavour; medium-bodied with a round warm finish

If you only want Irish whiskey then try Jameson (you can't go wrong).


make your own

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