Mikes Hard Lemonade getting drunk help?!

Question: Mikes Hard Lemonade getting drunk help?
im a 6' 170lb man and i had 8 of mikes hard pink lemonade and was barely buzzed. why is that because i know people get drunk alot easier and i know there pussy drinks but they dont smell like beer or anything. so why am i not getting drunk


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Mike's actually have no less alcohol by volume than a light beer does. Or actually more than some light beers. Why you didn't get buzzed may be due to what you ate that day, how far out you spaced your drinks, and a number of other factors. Maybe you just have a super liver. Or you are and you just don't think you are. Because drunk people are like that sometimes.

You can't drink enough of that candy kool-aid to get drunk.

~The Fat Man

Try Four Loko. Lemonade or lemon lime flavor!!!

It worked for me!!!!!

Maybe u need 12 or 16

24 y/o

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