How to make your weed burn slower?!

Question: How to make your weed burn slower?

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You don't want it to burn slower.
Just cap your pipe between hits.

~The Fat Man

Get a blunt (or swisher sweet), empty the filling and add the weed and roll it up. Then put syrup on the blunt. (All over the out side) Put in micro for a few seconds. It will be sticky, but putting it in the micro make it not as sticky. The syrup makes it burn super slow, but it still smokes good. We did this once and had like 7 people hitting off it, and it lasted forever, like at least a half hour... but im not 100% sure on how long cuz I was

volcano is the answer my friend. does'nt burn slower but it maximizes the burn dude!…

Mix tobacco with it and it will burn longer. However, it won't taste as great.


Roll a spliff. Bit of tobacco, bit of weed. Use 2 papers... double rolling makes it last. For real.

get different weed.

uumm get a beter weed hun

Get it wet

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