Skittles flavoured vodka?!

Question: Skittles flavoured vodka?
I have been told recently that apparently, if you put some Skittles (sweets) into a bottle of vodka and put the lid back on, then leave it in the fridge for a few days, the flavours will infuse/mix and the vodka will taste of Skittles.

However, I am sceptical. Is this true or is it just another one of those things that isn't true but would be nice if it was?



This is 100 percent true.…

heres a picture tutorial to see how to make it. It is true and many people have made it.…

I've done this. Make sure you separate the colors because results will not be pretty if you don't. They don't need to be refrigerated while they are infusing. It's best to filter the vodka after you make it and put the finished product into another bottle because the skittles will leave behind some "scum". It looks gross, but filtering it through a fine mesh or coffee filter will make it pretty! It only takes a day or two for the candy to dissolve.

It is most definitely true! I've done it with Haribo as well. You can use the sweets as a cork!

It works, just don't mix the colours!



OMG THANKS I AM SO GONNA TRY IT! ..But I gots no skittles lol

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