Does anyone know of a sweet dark red wine?!

Question: Does anyone know of a sweet dark red wine?
I hate wine, it's so gross but there was this one time I tasted a wine that was delicious and had a sweetness to it. It was dark red and I think the brand was Cabernet Sauvignon. Any thoughts?


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Cabernet Sauvignon isn't the brand, it's the type of grape. You can get dry cabernets and you can get sweet cabernets. Go into a liquor store and tell them what you want - they'll give you something at least close. Try a few different sweet cabernets (not all at once, of course) until you find one you like.

Wine is all about you - what you might consider just the right wine I might consider dishwater. You have to find what *you* like. (Or you can be a snob and drink what's "good" even if you can't stand it.)

it also depends on the grapes. how much rain they get and all that the sweetness varies year to year so does the wind. ask at the store for a sweet red Cabernet Sauvignon. u might also like a sangria. it is a fruity tasting wine. before u buy wine u might go to a wine tasting and see if there is a particular brand or wine u like... sometimes they charge after tasting if u don't buy a bottle... sometimes they charge then deduct it from the purchase and sometimes u get charged anyway but the people usually enjoy talking about the wines and will answer questions.. good luck finding it...

Red wines are not typically sweet, especially a cabernet sauvignon. I would suggest the following wines that might have the sweetness you are looking for:
Gallo Family Vineyards; Sweet Red or Cafe Zinfandel (both GREAT wines)

Damn, i know what you mean. :| I honestly don't know how people get hooked on that ****.
Most of it is bitter.

but i've had something my mom's friend got from California. It was imported from was called like Somaro? or something like that.

The cabernet sauvignon is the type of wine not a brand. The wine I thought of when you said dark red and sweet was port. I like this one…

when I think of sweet red wines I think of Sangria. Fruity, sweet, maybe too sweet for some folks.

Shipwrecked is really good wine.


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