How long does weed stay in your system?!

Question: How long does weed stay in your system?
I smoked weed a couple days ago. And I got a dentist appoin. and a physical next month, is there any way they can tell that I smoked? Like will the weed still be in my system?


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One week to a month but it stays in fat for years. When you burn off that fat the THC chemicals go in your blood making it as if you just had it but with no buzz. The dentist won't give a damn and the physical is a month away so don't worry about it.

it all depends on how often you smoke. "Recent scientific literature indicates that it is uncommon for occasional marijuana smokers to test positive for cannabinoids in urine for longer than seven days

it all depends on how much u have smoked before hand usually it sstays in your system for a month depending if you like smoke it every day it could be out of your system sooner if your just stop smokin till after your physical if your worried they will check for something like that and the dentist dont really care if your smoke but if your ever have to get a mouth swab it will only be in your mouth for three days so if you can stop smoking three days before hand your fine hope this help

it stays in your system for 2-3 weeks. if you drink alot of water even better cranberry juice it should take it out of your system faster.
they can tell my the hair though, its going to stay in there for quite a while.

it stays in your system for about a month..... and in your hair for longer!

health class

chew mint gum. a lot. thats what i di when my neighbors come over they dob't lnow my mom lets me dribk

sorry i'm a bit tipsy and typing is weird

Why would the dentist care if you smoked weed?

A week to 10 days.

They can tell. (Applauds your judgement)

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