12 and 13 year old qirls drinkinqq'.?!

Question: 12 and 13 year old qirls drinkinqq'.?
My friends who are 12 and 13 drink. they drink vodka and beer. sometimes tequila. Ive seen them, they put it in soda and sometimes just drink a shot of vodka and then half a beer. I havent seen them super drunk, but i have seen them buzzed. They have been drikinq scince they were 11.. what do you think.?


they will be drunks by time they are 20 if not sooner. they will destroy their livers and other vital organs. is there a way to rat them out to their parents with out them knowing u did it? ask your mom to tell their moms if she is a friend of theirs. mom needs to know just in case they are over and drinking at your house and something happens. even if they have already consumed the stuff and something happens your folks would be suspect... a lot of trouble for nothing. i think u should rat them out and not join in on the drinking. good luck

I have a friend who did that. He's now 50 and in a home. His long term memory is okay but he can't remember what happened five minutes ago. He probably won't live to 55.

Their parents are partially responsible but it's the kids who are wasting their future
and I have no sympathy for whatever happens to them as a result of such actions.

I think your friends are idiots and I wonder where their parents are. Tell them drinking at that age will permanently stall their "development". If that doesn't work, keep your distance.

It would help if you learned the difference between a q and a g, and learn how to spell...

Disgusting!!!! But not as much as when I saw a bunch of 7th graders smoking outside.


It's normal. My grandpa is from Canada and his parents are from England. In ENgland it is normal to teach your children to responsibly drink at age 10. They are okay. But don't snitch. Some laws just aren't fair.

Okay I know who thumbing me down. Would you get over. Thumbs down if I give a wrong answ3er not because of something different.

a tipsy 15 year old.

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