I don't understand why people drink alcohol, it doesn't even taste good, like i had vodka ( 40%) a couple days ago it tastes LIKE ****!!!! and i feel horrible when i drink it ...and the drunk experience is pretty cool but its not worth it...HOW THE HELL can some people DOWN 2 bottles of wisky a day holy ****, alcohol( mabey besides wine and beer) doesn't even taste good wine and beer tastes good with some ffoods but i mean even by itself it tates BAD...

.the tipsy experience is kind of cool though.

so do people only drink alcohol to get drunk..cause i highly doubt anyone can like the taste of it.


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Bottom line, if you don't like it, it's not for you. That's cool. Don't assume, however, that everyone thinks the same things taste good. I can't stand coconut, if you do, it's okay. Neither of us is wrong or right, just different.

Alcohol is a acquired taste. I didn't like it much when I was younger, but it was mostly the types or brands of alcohol that I found I didn't like. I tried different types and found some things I did like. I don't like regular American style beer but I do like many of the Irish style beers. They are very different. I agree with you about Vodka, but I like the faint smokiness of Irish whiskey. I like some wine, but not all. Some are thin and bitter, some are thicker and smoother. I don't like scotch but I do like some kinds of rum. I have drunk for many years and haven't gotten drunk in a LONG time.

BTW, you could ask the same question about spicy food. Some like it, some don't.

Eat what you LIKE, drink what you LIKE. It's a short life.

I've disliked the taste of alcohol since I first tried it. Majority of the time, I just don't drink it. However, when I do choose to, I try to get drinks that mask as much of the taste of the alcohol as possible. Other than that, however, it is really just a matter of becoming accustomed.

At the same time, people who like alcohol may have different taste buds or may be accustomed to different flavors than you. For many, alcohol does indeed taste good. For others, it might not, but social conventions have made them accustom themselves to the taste. Either way, if you try many different types of alcohol, you might hit on one that you can stand.

Rain, you are a dumbass, alchohol destroys your liver by causing mutations that destroy healthy liver cells, you are thinking about a cup of red wine being good for your heart if you drink it sparingly perhaps.

Anyways, to your question, when I first tried alcohol I felt the same way, I thought it was gross, but most people grow to like it when they get older, and it helps you have fun, by allowing you to forget about your stresses and inhibitions :)

It is relaxing and kinda tastes good. It depends on their persona. Metal heads are common drinkers (My entire family being evidence of this). Also it can clean your liver in moderation and help you live longer in moderation

Again people thumbs me down due to bad answers not your conservative beliefs

A tipsy teen

I am not a beer guy either but strait vodka taste bad unless you get the top of the shelf stuff but you can mix it to make it taste alot better. Cheap gin is one of my favorites to mix it with a fourth of sprite and cant even taste it

Well yeah the tastes of things like Vodka are pretty strong. It's just a quick way to get drunk.

alcohol is awesome u ****** pussy

tho teen drinking is not recommended, neither is drinking the alcohol straight. most people mix it with soda, or something with flavor to help it go down. moderation is the key. idk how people can drink 2 bottles of alcohol a day and not fall over. being sick and hung over is never a good thing. watching other people be stupid can be fun but mostly it is annoying. well hopefully since u don't like the taste u won't be a teen drunk. or a grown up drunk which is worse than a teen drunk... most alcohol, beer and wine are acquired tastes anyway meaning u have to drink it a lot to appreciate the taste later (or get used to it enough u can swallow it w/o gagging). drinking (like drugs) is used by people to escape the pressures of life even tho life is still waiting for them when they come down from the high. some people think they need the drinks to gain confidence to talk to others. some just like the taste and are mentally hooked and just want more. everyone has a different reason for doing the stupid stuff they do i life... hope this explains it a bit

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