Is drinking coke dangerous?!

Question: Is drinking coke dangerous?

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If you're talking about pepsi coke then no but if your talking about cocaine and drugs then yea. You should try breastmilk as a drink, it's has no cost and isn't dangerous at all:)

Moderation is key. Coca cola has caffein and lots of sugars. If you are speaking of diet coke, that has artificial sugars, which I consider to be dangerous with continued regular use.

Carbonated beverages pose significant risk to your teeth. Prolonged use can harm and kill friendly bacteria in your digestive track. Coke contains some form of phosphoric acid, you can clean your rims on your car with it.

It is full of high fructose corn syrup which is one of the most unhealthy processed food ingredients known to man. It contributes greatly to the development of diabetes, among other things. Please limit your intake of this unhealthy beverage.

Coke is not really food--it's high fructose corn syrup which has had many negative effects on our society as a whole. I love it, it tastes great, but otherwise has no redeeming qualities

drinking coke is not dangerous.

it can be if your talking about cocaine...

common sense

It can be. I don't understand why you asked this in the Alcoholic drink section though.

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