Can you drink vodka that's been left for 20 days?!

Question: Can you drink vodka that's been left for 20 days?
By the time I drink (If I do) It will have been left for 20 days, It's still in the bottle but it's been opened and drank out of. It's under my bed. :')

Is it okay to drink it?


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Yeah... vodka doesn't really go off.

Alcohol is a preservative (that's why they use it to pickle stuff). It doesn't go off as such.

If you leave it for a couple of years the taste might well start to deteriorate, but after a couple of weeks it'll be fine. Plenty of dusty bottles at the back of bars.

You can keep it forever if you want, alcohol doesn't go off. I know beer does, but there is so little alcohol in beer, it is mostly yeast and water.

Vodka does not 'go off.' It is not intended to be drunk at one go. Of course, if the bottle isn't securely closed, some of the alcohol content might escape!

20 DAYS??????? YOU MUST be JOKING mine don`t Last a Day!!!!. And it seems to Me your a SECRET Lemonade Drinker Stashing it Under your Bed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh AND Swigging it from the Bottle. Interesting MMM??


of course

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