Did I get alcohol poisoning?!

Question: Did I get alcohol poisoning?
So I went to a party not too long ago an we were drinking 2 smirnoff goon bag kinda things? I hadn't really had much to eat before. Each were 2l and it was between me and my friend, I also had a few UDLs, so I ended up throwing up once the whole night, then the next morning I woke up really early in the morning and threw up, went bak to bed then later got up again and threw up, I did that about 5 or 6 times, the whole morning I was really dizzy and couldn't really think properly and was throwing up bile, so we called a cab to the station so I could go to the shops am get somethig to eat, but I couldn't cause it made me feel even worse just looking at the food, I couldn't even keep 1 sip of water down and I was just wondering If it was alcohol poisoning cause that's what my friend thought?? lol sorry if it's heaps long...


I don't think you had alcohol poisoning. Sound like you had a good night. Just try to drink in moderation next time 1 drink a hour always helps me. And drink a lot of water.

Your stomach had Shrunk and couln`t wouldn`t accept any food, because of Dehydration, try some Soup if you go on the piss next time it`s easier on the tummy. AS for your Guzzling a Litre Each? i don`t believe you?. you may have got some sort of blood poisoning. which will affect your nervous system, and makes you feel like crap, but it passes Just Don`t be greedy next time. because VODKA is a Deceptive drink, YOU ARE Pissed but you don`t feel you are ,So you end up drinking it like Water. Good Luck. getting Slaughtered in the Future. but be safe. Oh and i don`t know what a UDL Is? Maybe That`s what Totally ******* you up??

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