What to eat day you're gonna drink?!

Question: What to eat day you're gonna drink?
I'm drinking tonight and I don't drink but once a month. But I plan on getting drunk tonight. Anyway, what is a good food plan to follow today to save on a hangover for tomorrow? I had oatmeal for breakfast...any other suggestions for the day? Thanks!


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If you plan on getting drunk then you have a problem my friend. Why would you want to get drunk on purpose?
Anyway Here's what I would do to avoid a nasty hangover.
Stick with one type of drink like vodka and club or gin and tonic or such.
Every other drink, drink a glass of ice water to keep you hydrated, alcohol will dry you out.
Even with beer do the same thing.
If you overdo it then eat a greasy meal like a burger and fries with lots of water-no soda!
Then before you go to bed, take some Excedrin with more water and you should be OK.

I'm a tee totaler now- but in my younger days this is what I did.

Depends on HOW Pissed you wanna get, but try Lining up your stomach first with a Block of butter Hours before , then before bed drink 2 or three pints of water. Best of luck. Oh have some bread with the Butter if you Can`t handle eating the butter on it`s own. LARD is Better!!!!!!!

all u have to do is drink about 4 glasses of water before you go to bed, maybe even 5 or 6 if you're really drunk, i do this every weekend and never get a hangover

oatmeal is good, u gotta eat stuff that would soak up all the alcohol later so I'd say eggs, rice and beans and pasta, tofu if you can, but yes lots of carbs and eggs

Dont get drunk cuz theres no cure for a hangover however eating a greasey meal during a hangover can help

Don't go for greasy stuff if you want to get drunk - despite what others have said. That'll take longer & more to get you pissed.

grease grease grease get a fish fry or a big buger chicken wings so the grease will line the insde of your stomach and i think it breaks down alcohol

Make sure u eat but I'd drink a **** load of water before hand try stay hydrated the whole night

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