Does Walmart have loose tobacco and filter tubes to make cigarettes?!

Question: Does Walmart have loose tobacco and filter tubes to make cigarettes?
Just wondering and if so what is the best kind? Thanks


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Each Wal-Mart is different. Some will carry it and some won't. I suggest you call and find out before making a trip to your store.

We have both a Wal-Mart and a discount smoke store in town. The discount smoke store has lower prices on both cigarettes and pipe tobaccos. Our Wal-Mart does not carry cigarette tobacco and tubes but one not far away does. Our discount smoke store is still cheaper.

The best kind is going to depend on what you like. Rolling tobaccos rarely taste like normal cigarettes. Best to try several different brands in small packets first to determine what you will like. Bull Durham is about the closest I've personally come to having it taste like regular cigarettes. Your millage may vary.

they sell it its normally behind the registers

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