How much alcohol is in my body? Should I be in a position to drive?!

Question: How much alcohol is in my body? Should I be in a position to drive?
I've had an alcohol binge 30 hrs back; i'm currently feeling sober although not really sure as I don't drink frequently..should i be back behind the wheels?

One large beer...4.5% a.b.v.

One 250 ml breezer...4.5% a.b.v.

180ml neat vodka...37% a.b.v.

180ml neat whiskey...40% a.b.v.

180 ml rum...40% a.b.v.

2 x 60 ml whiskeys...50%a.b.v.


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By my back-of-an-envelope maths, that's in the region of 30 "units" (30.741) of alcohol. It takes about an hour for the body to process one unit, so you've got 30 hours and 30 units, you're borderline.

Your build will have an impact on this also. You could be clear or still over the limit depending on your body size and metabolism.

I'm sceptical that this worked out so exactly. Is this a genuine question or a test? Did I pass?

Well if you can remember what you had and it`s EXACT Abbreviation, then i don`t think you was pissed at all. Bollocks Me say`s Me Old China.

you're most definitely hungover, but you should be okay by now.

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