I had a horrible Binge! How can I stop?!

Question: I had a horrible Binge! How can I stop?
ok so here is what I had today:
3 croissants
3 pieces of wheat bread
about 10-12 servings of mixed nuts
1 bowl of special k cereal w/almond milk
1 pack of pb crackers
1 mini bag of chocolate chip cookies
2 tsp of honey
about 3-4 slices of cheese
4 cups of yogurt
half a chicken sandwhich

Ok so yeah it was a binge. I purged up most of the food after I ate, but I still feel fat. I am going to run for 3 hours on the treadmill later on-like I always do, but will this be enough to burn off the calories? I am going to get help for my eating disorder, but for now, any tips on how to stop binging? I did it cuz I was rly stressed and emotional because I have been stuck home alone with my brother all weekend. ANy tips?


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This is not that bad for a binge, honestly i have done soo much worse, you really need help sweetie don't let food control you like this because it will just make you miserable!! you seemed to have burned it off anyway, see tomorrow as a new day i doubt todays indulgence will have made the slighest bit of difference, try to stop thinking about food so much i know that sounds like well yeah obviously, but do things to take your mind off food like school work or get a hobby like swimming? hope this helps, i know its horrible and hard but you can get through it :) just start fresh tomorrow and remember to eat breakfast ;) xxxxx

experience :-/

Eating disorders are no joke. You say you're getting help, but you had a stressful weekend. Well, do you have a councilor you can call? Are you taking some form of medication for it?
This isn't going to go away by itself. It's dangerous and can lead to more serious problems such as heart disease and kidney failure. Don't let it happen to you. Sometimes people need a little support and this is probably one of your times.

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