i drink an entire bottle a night once a week, no work or family/friends problems, is this normal?!

Question: I drink an entire bottle a night once a week, no work or family/friends problems, is this normal?
ill kill a bottle of captain easily by myslef in one night and not puke or have a hangover, wtf.
i dont think thats normal. i only do it once a week, other than that, i dont drink at all. so is this a bad thing????


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long term damage buddy

This is not too big of a deal, however there are certain things to worry about such as ulcers and binge drinking side effects like damaged liver or kidney.

This form of drinking could also lead to heavier drinking which could form into a habit. There may be nights were you want to test your tolerance and end up over dosing and killing yourself. Be careful my friend.

Common knowledge, experienced history with alcohol.

Alcoholism is based on your need for alcohol to function normally, not the volume you drink. If you can stop drinking for a steady period with no issues, then you're not an alcoholic.

There are health issues involved with drinking that much alcohol as well. You're killing your liver and your stomach, and probably doing some damage to your brain. Hard to say.

Well if you're a 6'+ 200lb + male there's nothing endurance wise to be proud of. but if you're serious then you do have a strangely high tolerance if you only drink once a week.

Yes, there is a problem. You could be well on the way to having full blown alcoholism. Talk to your doctor about it.

sorry but your just a straight up faaaaaaaggggg. Get a life man

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