If I drink 200cc vodka every night am I alcoholic?!

Question: If I drink 200cc vodka every night am I alcoholic?

First of all at 8 units of alcohol, it's more than twice the recommended safety limit for your liver's sake.

Alcoholism is more than the amount you drink but why you need to drink it, and could you stop if you wanted to?, have you actually tried before you answer yes to that question.

If you can't stop then the chances you are an alcoholic.

If you want to stop contact AA through my second link or mail me if you need advice.

Alcohol rehab employee.

If you "need" the vodka then, yes, you are an alcoholic and should seek assistance immediately.
If you just do it out of habit you are well on the way to becoming an alcoholic and should cut it out.
In any case drinking that much every night can lead to liver damage, stomach and intestinal problems and eventually neurological problems.

You are on a very serious downhill slide if you are doing this. Get a grip. If you need to label yourself in order to stop, then yes - I think you may very well be an alcoholic.

i drink more than that in one night but only once every week. other than that i dont drink at all. so im apparently not an alcoholic, soo yea you are, lmao


lol you are one!
If you just drink any amount of alcohol every night, your a alcoholic.

Answer this, can you stop yourself?
If yes then it's just a habbit I guess. If no, then yes you are an alcoholic.

Probably ya

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