Should a hangover last this long?!

Question: Should a hangover last this long?
Hi, I'm 17 years old and last night I had a piss up at a friends house...I had about 7 cans of beer. Stayed up all night and in the morning I felt like ****. I had a headache, felt sick and dizzy. I have only had 2 drinks today and that was 2 glasses of fanta. That was for the whole day. I have had two large meals and still feel slightly sick. Should I be suprised?


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First of all, it's a good thing you aren't my kid. Secondly, the sicker you are the more you'll remember it.
Finally, a hangover is natures way of telling you how stupid you are.

No, you shouldn't be surprised. Unless you are a confirmed alcoholic 7 cans of beer would be plenty to produce a hang-over. Felling ill, headache, etc., are part of it. There's a three step solution to your problem:
1. Don't drink so much next time.
2. Drink plenty of water or sport drink to rehydrate yourself and replace electrolytes. Also eat lightly until you get past the queasy feeling - toast is always good for a start. (Personally I always wanted salty or spicy foods but you've got to be careful with that kind of stuff.)
3. Take two aspirin for the headache and sleep it off. You should begin feeling better within 12 to 24 hours.

Been there, done that when I was much younger.


Why did you drink so much even ?

Drink lots of liver detox teas and water. Honey and ginger will help to take away the nausea. Pea brain.

an hangover can last up to 24 hours,just stay in bed,drink loads of water and take painkillers.

Nope - you will feel better tomorrow.


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