how could I inject vodka into gushers?!

Question: How could I inject vodka into gushers?
I want to put vodka into gushers candy. how would I go about doing this without attaining an actual needle and without having them be a big mess?


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just get a syringe to suck out the juice thats already inside and then use it again to fill the gushers with vodka

I don't think there really is any other way besides a needle. unless I don't know maybe trying soaking a couple of gushers in a bowl of vodka for a bit? they be more so vodka coated than actually the vodka being inside.

but that would be the only other thing I could think of

good luck

just a logical thinker

You need a syringe. It isn't a big deal to buy them just go to the pharmacy and ask for some insulin needles.

The needle is the only way that would work without making a mess.

just go to cvs and get some needle/syringes because that would be the fastest and cleanest way to do it

Ask the guy from texts from last night which is where you saw this idea

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