How many beers cause you to get a headache?!

Question: How many beers cause you to get a headache?

Sometimes it takes just 4 or 5 but for me it really matters on something else. What that is I don't know but I have drank 10 beers on a long afternoon and not gotten a headache. Its more of a unpredictable thing sometime I get one but most times not.

well for me its 10 or less maybe 7 i problably will lol beer gives me headaches over any other kind of alcohol! lol i would say 10 should give most people a headache regardless if your a heavyweight, mid weight or lightweight

i consider myself a lightweight almost middle weight drinker lol

Depends on the person. Some it only takes two. Others can have 12 and feel fine.

I have yet to get a headache from drinking beer but it makes my antlers itch a bit

More than 8 i don't get a headache from beer unless I drink a hell of a lot.

Around 5, actually.

i got a headache from 2 but mostly about 6 or 7

35 and an half.

depends on the brand. I can get it from one.

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