how many calories are there in a shot of smirnoff?!

Question: How many calories are there in a shot of smirnoff?
i can't seem to find the real amount of calories in a shot of unflavored smirnoff vodca.

this website says 52.…

this one says 69

this one says 97…

this one says 56…

so which is right, if any?? of course the smirnoff page gives no info about the calories. alcohol should have the facts on the bottle!


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...Says 73 for 80 proof (a one fluid ounce pour)
and 82 for 100 proof (a one fluid ounce pour)

Just a guess, but some of those sites may be using different measures of vodka!

Best wishes!

The best way to figure it is one calorie, per proof, per ounce. That applies to the alcohol content. If other things are added like sugar, a liquor, or cream, for instance, that boosts the calorie count.

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