What happens if you're drunk and you have school the next morning?!

Question: What happens if you're drunk and you have school the next morning?
Is it such a major problem? If so how do I sober up in the morning? Thanks:)


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then you are a dumb...and should not be going to school :)
its called a weekend for a reason why would you go to school when you plan on doing that the night before..don't even bother going to school the next day.
Man i hate stupid people

haha don't listen to the people saying "you shouldn't do this" blah blah blah, i say make your own decisions! when you're a student like me and going out on week days is a cheaper option, you do it!
my best advice is to make sure you get enough sleep and go in to school whether you like it or not! you will feel crappy but drink lots of water and eat if you can! maybe take asprin if you think you need it
nothing happens except you won't feel great but in my opinion it has never affected my learning :) it depends on how well you deal with the morning after!
but if it's your school that you're worried about, if youre underage they might find it alarming so if you do decide to drink, just make sure you dont overdo it and have a shower and make sure you're all clean and nice in the morning :)

Alchol does slow you down so ican understand how it may "Help her sleep" though it isent agreat idea to use it asa sleeping method, try to get her to take a sleeping pill as a better alternative.

I would say wake up, take a hot shower, drink some juice and a cup of tea, take a aspirin and get on with it. If she didnt overdo it she shouldent have a hangover or anything too serious.

Or you can try weirdmethods, my gran once said pure OJ, grape juice and a raw egg cures hangovers and sobers you up. Haha.

It's probably best to stay home especially if the drunk is hung over. They don't need to get arrested. Your friend should get some help if she thinks that it helps her sleep. She could become addicted and that's never good.

I watch a lot of cop shows and I hope to be an FBI agent. :)

It's poor planning and foolish behaviour on your part.

Drink plenty of fluids before bed. Take some Tylenol. When you get up, have some juice.

Don't do it again. This is why drinking is for grown ups.

haha depends on how alert you feel, Jamba Juice's "Macha Green Tea Blast" is great for morning-after pick-me-ups. uh other than that drink water, eat carbs, at pray that no one calls on you?

personal experience

It is a problem - because alcohol has a negative impact on your brain.
And if your friend drinks for that "reason" for sure it's a major problem.

Wake up, take a hot shower, Drink water/gatorade LOTS! Eat something..take some tylenol!

Best thing is to call in sick. Are you even old enough to drink?

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