Should I buy a cigar humidor or just a cigar box?!

Question: Should I buy a cigar humidor or just a cigar box?
I'm relatively new to the setup and well the etiquette of storing cigars. I like to enjoy a few cigars a week. I usually buy half a dozen cigars at a time and pick up new ones every few weeks. However I am very interested in keeping a supply of cigars on hand, primarily because I am moving back home to a town where I cannot buy cigars, literally anywhere within the town.

Anyhow I'm aware the proper storage and humidity of cigars is vital, but is a humidor only necessary when storing cigars for how long? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? At the shop I plan to buy a humidor, there are a variety of selections, some of which do not have a hygrometer, are these still humidors, or just storage boxes. I'm in favour of buying a cigar humidor to store my cigars for a few months, but won't if they should only be used to age cigars. Should I go with a humidor or wooden box? Can they be the same?

Please help, thank you very much.


A wooden box will still work to some extent as it retains moisture, but seeing as you are fond of cigar smoking you should invest in a good humidor. You won't regret it, especially if you look into buying expensive and uncommon cigars. A humidor won't work to age your cigars, but instead preserve that moist freshness of a brand new cigar. And yes, a good humidor will preserve that freshness for years, I myself have one and have some cigars in there that have been there for over 5 years now. Yet they still smell, feel and taste the same as new cigars of the same make (romeo and juliet cubans).

you should definatley invest in a decent spanish cedar lined humidor, humi-care gel humidifer and a digital hygrometer. i have one and i must say it is relitivley easy to keep my humidification at 65-70%. with 50 cigars or so in there. a wooden box would work if you are only keeping cigars in there for a few days because there is no proper humidification in a wooden box so i suggest going with a humidor because it will allow you to stock up on cigars and let them age properly which adds more flavor.

i have a decent humidor

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