How do you booze it up at work and not get caught?!

Question: How do you booze it up at work and not get caught?

Stick with Vodka - it does not have an alcohol odor. Try the following:

Screwdrivers - Vodka & Orange Juice with a dash of Lemon juice.
Fizzy Apple - Vodka & Apple Juice with a dash of Lemon juice.
Bloody Mary - Vodka & Tomato Juice with a dash of Tabasco.
Tornado - Vodka & V-8 with a dash of A-1.

You need an under-desk refrigerator to keep you supplies. Store your
Vodka in empty flavored-water bottles and take them home every day.
I prefer Tabasco's Chipotle and Habanero sauces over their original sauce.

However, if you are an executive of the company just get a Liquor Cabinet!

You really can't...when I was younger I had a job and friday when we got paid we'd go cash our checks at the package store at lunch and suck down a forty...there was only 2 and a half hrs left and it was wkend time...I think the boss knew but we were cool about it and didn't be stupid about it. It depends on the job and all but if otherworkers around you are ok with it you might be safe but you can't really hide it from everyone in most cases. If you danger others it's not cool.

Put waterer ur drinking in a translucent bottle with a lable on it

Have one of those jobs you do at home, and call in sick.

Grow up.

You dont

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