alcohol makes you honest?!

Question: Alcohol makes you honest?
is it true that when someone is tipsy or drunk they tend to tell the truth more?


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Not always, alcohol can effect people differently, I guess it makes people more relaxed within their surroundings, which in turn could make people less gaurded with what they say

For a lot of people that'd probably be the case, but I know that even when I'm completely wasted I'm not more honest. Bolder, yes, and less caring about the consequences, but generally I blather on about unimportant stuff and do still lie (though I mightn't actually realise it's one)/am pretty easily able to keep things to myself that I really wouldn't want to share.

At the same time, with my friends (and me..) there's a lot of "I love you man"'s to others and "Dude, that actually looks so good on you.." etc which often isn't really the truth, but what drunk people think is. So they might be being honest at the time, but it's not really an accurate reflection of what they normally think and feel.

It sounds like an old wife's tale but my late Grandmother always said that drunk people always tell the truth , this could be well true , as alcohol lessens your inhibitions. Something that has been bugging you about others could well come out when you have a good drink in you. It's a classic case of 'Drinker's Beware'.

It depends on how much alcohol you've drank, and on the individual.

I'd say it wouldn't really make you honest.... actually, yes in a way.... but more upfront about things, and not caring about consquences of what you say or do.

yes it makes people tell the truth as they see it. what they have not the courage to say when they are sober they say when they are drunk.

It can go either way, you can either blurt out everything you're feeling or lie through your teeth!

I can't speak for everyone but I can't keep things to myself when I have a drink. Some people do the opposite tho

No, as a Bar Maid i was proposed to many a time lol

no, when people are drunk you cann't understand any word they say!:D

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