Do i have a drinking problem or not?!

Question: Do i have a drinking problem or not?
im 21. I have been drinking since i was 18. I have been in every state of intoxication there is. But latly i have been drinking every night. I don't get sloppy drunk, i don't even call it drunk. here is what i do.

I get home from work at 7pm. I take a shot of whiskey, take a shower.
drink a beer (takes 30-40 min to drink it...i cant drink beer fast, makes me sick)
take a

I will drink 1/5 of a fifth and 4 beers a night, go to bed at 1am. I don't pass out, i lock all the doors, set the alarm, get ready for the next day, and go to bed.

Wake you and be at work at 8am and work till 7pm.

I have done this for a week and a half now.

I weight 110lbs... i case there is a doc on here.


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You are on the right road if your goal is to have a problem with alcohol.

maybe you should cut down on the beers and shots, very unhealthy the way your goin. you should seriously get out of that habbit and start having maybe 3-4 beers week. start sleeping at the right time, and live.

There's an old saying among "professional drunks" that goes, if you think you got a drinkin' problem, you probably do.....

Your a drunk. Change it up or you wont have a liver at 40. Good luck.

yes you do sir

It means you've developed a high tolerance. Unless you're like, 4 feet tall, 110 isn't very much weight. It's cool that you can function as highly as you do when you're taking in that much but you're just getting by with it because you're young. Also you should consider what you might be doing to your liver (ever heard of cirrhosis?). Because you're young, you're not putting on weight, but alcohol has calories. There's something like 120, or 140, I forget which, in every glass of wine, every pint of beer and every shot. One of my doctors told me it metabolizes into sugar in your body. When you're middle-aged, you will find yourself with a beer belly, as sure as gun's iron. And when you're middle-aged, you'll have hell and all getting rid of it. I think it's totally unfair that there should be calories in anything you don't have to chew, but there it is.

Oh, and one other thing: if you want to get the buzz back, you'll dial the booze way back.

Life its own self (and my doctor)

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