Which Alcohol tastes the best?!

Question: Which Alcohol tastes the best?
Next Monday (the monday after this one), i'm hittin the big 21, so I can legally drink.

What drink tastes the best???, Wine, Champain, Beer, Wine Coolers, Vodka, Jenkem or Tequila???


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Single malt whiskey and drink carefully!

Vodka, for sure.

Wine, champagne & beer (to me) are foul. I avoid Tequila now just because of going too hard with it a while back.. and vodka is just good with/in most things; mixers, cocktails, shots.. and it doesn't make me throw up after only a bit, which is always a plus.


Dutch chocolate Vincent Van Gogh vodka...It is supper smooth and taste great(and I normally hate clear alcohol)

Tequila wit lemon & salt is the best <3333333

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