A question on Alcohol?!

Question: A question on Alcohol?
I have had two bottle of Bulmers cider, where I have had them at a pace, taking sips and not drinking it in one go.

How long do you have to wait until it is okay to take some headache medication? Take into account that I have not drunk my alcohol quickly and have not had lots so the time frame should be short correct?


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Only two? I say take them whenever you are ready. The real concern for NSAIDS is taking large doses over prolonged periods of time. Pretty much the same as with anything that puts a heavy work load on the liver. When both are used in larger volumes the problem is magnified putting too much work on the liver. It is then that problems may develop that includes GI bleeding. For your case it is safe to take them straight away.

Most cider is under 10% ABV, so whenever now even. heck you could have taken i with the cider i have done far worse to get through long flights.

3 shots and 3 advill PM make a 7 hour flight like teloporting to your destination.

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