Is a girl who smokes hookah a turn off or turn on for guys?!

Question: Is a girl who smokes hookah a turn off or turn on for guys?
I am just curious because I know a lot of guys who say a girl who smokes cigarettes is a major turn off so I was just wondering if hookah is any different


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Hookah is way different. Lots of people smoke hookah because it is relaxing and smells very nice a lot of the time. Plus the tobacco isn't addictive and a whole lot less harmful.

if she smokes she pokes. THAT WAS A JOKE. but with all seriousness your actions attract the type of attention you portray. Do you think a nice young boy would want to bring a girl that smokes cigarettes home to mama for dinner? I know girls that say "hey you wanna chilll?". In girl talk, hey why dont you stick yo rod in me. Do you want to be that type of girl or a nice young lady?

being a kid. alot of sluts I know smoke CIGs.

Bad girl.

~The Fat Man

TURN OFF ! I mean if you smoke, its like dating yourself all over

chics who smoke are more likely to put things in their mouth so

who cares u immature child

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