Did I just have a nicotine craving?!

Question: Did I just have a nicotine craving?
Ive been an occasional smoker, but Ive been smoking daily for a week or so. I saw a girl light up a cigarette and she dragged the hell out of it. All of the sudden, it felt like something overtook my whole body, like something crawled up my spine. I started shaking, i was kind of sweating and all I could think about was I want a cigarette. I lit it and I just could not control myself. Ive never smoked a cigarette like that before. Usually I like watching me blow out the smoke I inhale but i dont even remember me blowing out smoke until I got halfway through the cigarette. Is this a craving?


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Nothing like watching a hot gal take a good serious pull on a smoke!
You probably did have a craving. Nicotine is one of the most intensely addictive drugs on earth. If you give in to the craving you will soon find yourself wondering why you ever tried smoking in the first place, so give it up now.

smoking is an addiction and nicotine is just one of the additives to cigarettes that manufacturers add or increase to get you hooked. Now is the time to quit before you get a full blown addiction. It is well documented that smoking leads to all kinds of health and social problems.Most of the craving in smoking is psychological you had to learn to smoke and by association found it pleasurable now is to recognize when you feel like one and change patterns so as to defeat the craving.

Yes these seem like symptoms that would be linked to a nicotine craving


~The Fat Man

not necessarily.
You might have a craving based on association . . such as . . . back in the days when one could smoke in the office place, I remember when my phone rang I automatically reached for my pack of cigarettes and I'd light up . . When I got home, I didn't smoke at all.

When I finally quit once and for all . . I had difficulty like most. But oddly the patch . . I used it for 3 days . . and kicked my habit . . I am one of the lucky ones . . believe me. My addiction was more impulse driven than physical addiction apparently.

Now I'm not saying, you don't have a nicotine craving . . but it's quite possible a lot of it is sparked by other things. You know . . pavlov's dog, power of suggestion.

But I would lose the habit before you are addicted . . obviously. It adds nothing to your life, and nobody likes the smell of a smoker . . yuk!

Excuse me . . the phone's ringing . . Oh Crap! . . where'd a put my cigarettes?

By the way . . .since you have posted several questions on this same subject . . . . is it possible you're ocd? If so . . . . then this should not be part of your repertoire.

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