how many shots about are in a coffee mug that is about 2 in. ful?!

Question: How many shots about are in a coffee mug that is about 2 in. ful?

I dont know, but you can find out with a ruler, a clear mug, and a one ounce shot glass.

It depends on how many ounces are in a shot and the width of the coffee cup.

My estimate is 7.8 ounces

Here's my arithmetic.
First, you need to determine volume in inches, the equation is V = pi * R^2 * H.
You gave a H (height) of 2". I measured the Diameter (D) of a coffee cup at 3".
So R = D/2 = 1.5".
Thus, V = 3.14159 * 1.5"^2 * 2" = 3.14159 * 4.5 in^3 ~ 14 in^3.

How many cubic inches in a fluid ounce?
There are 231 in^3 and 128 ounces in a gallon. 231 / 128 ~1.80

AND FINALLY 14 / 1.8 ~ 7.8 oz.

After that it's up to you to find the number of ounces in shot glass

High School Math, a tape measure, and recollection of the size of a gallon

Depending on the diameter of the mug 1.5 - 3

I Poured a shot into a coffee mug


~The Fat Man

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