When people say they don't remember drunken nights, are they lying?!

Question: When people say they don't remember drunken nights, are they lying?
I have this one friend who conviently never seems to remember any of the embarassing things she does when she's drunk. She never drinks enough to throw up or pass out though. There have been times when she's only had a few beers and has claimed this. Are some people really so sensitive to alcohol that this happens, or do they just use is as an excuse so people won't question them on their embarassing behavior?


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"Diagnostic criteria for 303.00 Alcohol intoxication

A. Recent ingestion of alcohol.
B. Clinically significant maladaptive behavioral or psychological changes.
C. One (or more) of the following signs, developing during, or shortly after, alcohol use:
1. slurred speech
2. incoordination
3. unsteady gait
4. nystagmus
5. impairment in attention or memory
6. stupor or coma"


Usually they aren't lying, that really does happen. I have a guy friend who is paying child support for a child he still doen's remember conceiving, he doesn't even remember the mom, he just knows that this lady with a DNA test is making him man up to it. Serves him right but it's still sad.

Your friend sounds like shes lying, but it is true that you can have memory gaps when your really really drunk.
But you wouldn't forget the whole night, you would only forget bits and pieces of it.

I have personally blacked out for 5 hours after having half a glass of vodka and sunkist. Its possible. But after talking with friends my drink was possibly drugged. So she might be a light weight or she's just thinks its funny

Dumb **** I've done

Blackouts are from severe binge drinking or can be prone to a chronic alcoholic. Blackouts are a sign of alcoholism. No excusses for the behavor.

Some people seem to have more "blackouts" then others. But I gotta think they are either drinking WAY more then you realize; or they are lying to avoid embarrassment.

Some yes, some no.

~The Fat Man

its an excuse... always

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