My friend might be an alcoholic?!

Question: My friend might be an alcoholic?
It was new years eve and my friend had a crazy I dea to o into her parents liquor cabinet. She started to drink martini and beer... A lot of it too. Me andy friend stood there and stared thinking she's crazy. Btw she's only 13. And them she went vegetarian and she's always looking for attention. She's been flirting and swearing alot too. And she's always mad at her family. I don't know why to do?


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I doubt if your friend is an alcoholic. She would have to be addicted to alcohol. Unless she's getting drunk a lot, I doubt if she has an addiction issue. But who knows? I don't know her. Maybe she drinks a lot at home.

The other stuff you mentioned like vegetarianism, looking for attention, flirting, swearing and being mad at her family have nothing to do with alcoholism. If you ask me, she sounds like a pretty normal teenager.

What should you do? Nothing. Just be her friend and love her for who she is.

shes not alcoholic
alot of people get alot more drunk than that on a regular basis and its just social drinking

being an alcoholic is when u are dependent upon it and need it 24-7, to be an alcoholic you would have to drink even in the morning and everyday not like this, she has just done this for attention and will make out she does it ,ore often or is alot worse than she is

shes only 13 for god sakes she wont be able to have the regular supply of alcohol to even be an alcoholic and it was a special occation like new year

hahahahaha no she isnt a alcoholic shes 13 dumbass

Probably not yet but not long.

~The Fat Man

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