tips for smoking hookah (not setting it up)?!

Question: Tips for smoking hookah (not setting it up)?
ive never smoked before, im just curious why does it make a bubbling sound and do you always suck in?


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The bubbling noise is made because the pipe's downstem is submerged in the water and when you pull on the hose air goes through the pipe into the water up into the bases air space and into the hose.

You don't always inhale. It's a matter of preference. I inhale, my doesn't. It's all what you are comfortable with.

Experienced Hookah Smoker of Over 10 Years……

Congrats on your new addiction. You're cool now. Have a cookie.

... Wait. What's a hookah o.o I have not heard that slang term before.

I would think you always suck in or inhale it, yes.

I-... I don't really know.

Smoke till you choke.

~The Fat Man

What's hookah? Drugs, if so this question is not allowed on YA!

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