what are some good russian beers?!

Question: What are some good russian beers?

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Baltika is a great brand. They several different styles from wheat ale to lagers.

# 2 -Light Lager -Pale straw in color with a nice, thin head. Very clean, Pilsner style beer with pleasant malts and perfumed hop taste.

#3 - Lager - Inticing with its citrus and apricot aromas. The soft malts harmonize well with the floral European hops. Very refreshing. Try with Sevruga caviar!

# 4 Dark - Rich and warm! Roasted coffee and wafts of sweet molasses make this Lager more reminiscent of a Dopplebock. Delectable paired with Russian Cheese Babka.

# 6 Port - This Russian porter rivals anything coming out of England; remarkably smooth and rich with a strong roasted malt note, bitter black coffee and dark chocolate flavors.

#7 Export Lager - Pale yellow color, nice white head. Fat, grassy with a buttery touch and a light finish.

# 8 Wheat - Slight banana and vanilla aromas hint at the characteristics of a well made hefeweizen. A terrifically balanced cloudy, golden gem with a hint of spice in the finish.

#9 - Pale Beer - tastes like a bock; very light golden color; rich, malty, sweet, bread dough character that lays on the tongue like velvet.

While beer is the #2 alcoholic beverage in Russia after Vodka, the Russian brewing
is not very large. Much of the beer sold in Russia is imported.

Baltika in St. Petersburg makes beers that may be available in the US.
Reviews of Baltika beers are at BeerAdvocate.com and RateBeer.com
searching on Baltika,

Saku is drinkable but hard to find. I would recommend Baltika due to their variety.


Russian beers are known for being bad.


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